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All parents are reminded that the visitation dates for Term three are 9th October for S4,S5 & S6 and 1oth October,2014 for S1,S2 & S3

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Welcome to St Mary's Kitende

Welcome to St Mary’s boarding secondary school kitende where we believe a good educator is one with the ability to lead students out to a new place where even the educator has never been. We believe there is a brilliant child locked in every student, what students lack in school is an intellectual relationship, call it conversation with the teacher, and at SMASK we offer this.  The responsibility of learning not only belongs to the students regardless of the age but also the teacher.



The Administrative structure of St. Mary’s Boarding Secondary School Kitende is designed to promote team work and collective responsibility in the smooth running of the school with the aim of attaining excellence in academics,extra curricular activities and leadership skills at all levels.


Kitende Tops Admissions


St Mary’s SS Kitende took most students to Makerere University on government sponsorship, the full list of admissions released by the Public Universities Joint Admissions Board (Pujab) today shows.


St.Mary's Day


St Mary’s Day is marked on 4th July annually. This is when the school was born. The day involves several activities ranging from celebration of Holy mass to entertainment for the students and the entire SMASK 




"SMASK is a place where students and faculty function more like a family. Each person has talents and individual characteristics that they contribute to make SMASK the unique, constantly changing place that it is. In seven years at SMASK , I have seen it change from a virtually unknown place into a school of distinction that is known for academic excellence and its unique atmosphere."


St.Mary's Day

Kitende Tops Admissions


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